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    We have been friends forever :-)

    Or so it seems. As youngsters we dreamed of traveling the world. Our youthful dreams were quickly realised and we have since traveled together as children, then as adults, exploring the world on our own terms and later with our own families.

    We have come to realise that it is the coming home, which makes traveling the world so rewarding; the knowledge that wherever we are, a warm, friendly and familiar welcome awaits us on our return home. 

    Many faraway places we have visited have successfully recreated this feeling, greatly enriching our vacation.
    On the occasions this has happened, we have longed to stay rather than return home, the essence we believe of a successful holiday. With this in mind we have created a traditionally Icelandic experience for those who wish to augment their visit to our beautiful country with a authentic, relaxing and ultimately rewarding stay in one of our portfolio of 'Icelandic Homestays', which we believe combine the best of being abroad without being away from home.

    Our friendly and professional service awaits you.


    Photo by: Darko Thomas   

    Us, (Jenny and Kata) cutting ruhbarb, Jenny´s garden 1982

    Us, (Jenny and Kata) cutting ruhbarb, Jenny´s garden 1982